Perspective is a Documentary Filmmakers’ Association (DFA) initiative that aims to provide insight into the documentary filmmaking process for those filmmakers who are struggling with their ideas and how to approach the creative process of crafting a film from inception to final product.

Filmmaking, storytelling is intuitive, but filmmakers are sometimes insecure, not prepared to trust that intuition and may often wonder … am I doing the right thing? So, as a way to help ourselves through our insecurities and sometimes lack of training, we have devised this plan that allows us to watch documentary films and to speak to the makers of those films about their processes. At the same time, this interview and review process can serve as a resource for all documentary filmmakers who look for help and ideas when they are making their own films.

We would like to move beyond questions around content only and probe the craft of filmmaking through understanding creative and technical decisions – which are always tied up with content.

We hope that you find these interviews interesting and useful and keep coming back for more.

All writers for Perspective are DFA members and write on a voluntary basis and when they have time. This means our postings will have no regular schedule, but we are encouraged by the fact that we love to watch documentary films and will make time to do so, leading to a publishable interview after each viewing and interview.

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